Lifestyle Family Photography


Hi, I’m Debbie.

Thanks for checking out this section of my website.

Lifestyle photography is a term that gets used a lot, and frankly it can mean different things to different people. For me, it’s a style that falls somewhere between documentary photography and classic portraiture. Although my photographs may look candid, there is definitely some gentle posing direction given while I carefully control the light and composition. With these as starting points, I then allow for the magic to happen - the silliness, movement and spontaneity that reveal the unique personality of each family.

Originally trained in the fine arts, I learned long ago that I had an imaginative way of seeing the world around me. I’ve explored many forms of art and enjoyed a fulfilling career as a graphic designer. More than any other media I’ve worked with though, photography strikes a perfect chord that almost takes my breath away. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some incredibly gifted teachers, who have helped me hone my technical skills and define my personal vision. As a result, my personal work (see FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY) has even made it into galleries and been published in books and magazines.

I’m based in Westchester County, New York where I live with my husband in a cool old Victorian house. This is where we raised our two sons (who now have homes of their own) and where the whole family still gathers for a great meal as often as we can. The close connection I have with my boys - regardless if they’re next door or across an ocean - greatly affects how I work as a lifestyle photographer. So what does that all mean to you?

Simply put, I will photograph your family with an artist’s eye, a photographer’s skill and a mother’s heart.

Family Session | $525

Simple, all-inclusive pricing includes 

  • An on location session with immediate family members, usually lasting one to two hours.

  • Editing and post production in Photoshop and Lightroom.

  • High resolution digital files which you can keep for life. Use for sharing or making prints and books. 

After the shoot I look at each and every image I captured and select those that best represent both your family and myself as an artist. I can usually guarantee 35 images, although there are sometimes more!  Within two weeks of your shoot, you will receive a link to an online gallery of images. If you like I can recommend a good photo lab.

What to expect

A session with me is fun, organic and laid back. Every session is different but I usually ask one to two hours with short breaks if necessary.

My style allows for the unexpected which of course can happen with lively children. The good news is I worked at a busy ad agency for a few years where I totally learned to embrace chaos (which I always thought helped prepare me for parenting). By nature I’m a pretty calm person and oh, I do yoga as well so, you know, that helps too!

My family work has been described as authentic and emotive with a fine art quality. I make images that speak to your unique personalities and connection in my own artistic way. Be yourselves, with all your beautiful imperfections that make you YOU. Wear clothes that make you happy. Interact with each other (I have lots of ideas here), and together we’ll make images that are full of love and truth.

I want you to see your portraits twenty or thirty years from now and remember how you felt on that day, in that split second of your lives, in every way that a feeling can be remembered.